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Unleash Your Power in God of War with PS4 Cheats: Unlimited Health & More

God of War gameplay

Introduction to God of War PS4 Cheats

If you’re new to God of War and seeking a way to boost your gameplay, you’ll appreciate the value of God of War PS4 cheats. This action-RPG, with its vast and intricate world, can sometimes prove time-consuming and even frustrating as you navigate through chests and hidden corners. Besides saving time, these cheats can significantly augment your Kratos’ stats. Here are some valuable tips to maximize your gaming experience.

Exploring God of War PS4 Cheats

God of War PS4 Cheats: The XP Glitch

One popular cheat involves the ‘Little Brother’ glitch, which can significantly increase your XP in God of War. This glitch rewards you with unlimited XP upon completing a mid-combat checkpoint. Be aware, however, that this glitch only works until the release of God of War Patch 1.12. Nonetheless, you can experiment with it to amplify your XP gains.

God of War: The Remastered Edition

The PlayStation 4 version of this popular series, God of War: The Remastered Edition, offers a plethora of cheats. With 40 different cheat codes and 63 critic reviews, this remastered version brings a new dimension to your gameplay. These cheats are also available for iOS and Android devices. A free trial of God of War is available for download on the PlayStation 4 platform.

Unleashing Unlimited Health with God of War Cheats

Achieving Invincibility with God of War Cheats PS4 Unlimited Health

God of War cheats for PS4 offer the ultimate gameplay advantage – unlimited health. Having an endless supply of health can be incredibly beneficial, considering the game’s initial health pool is rather limited. The use of infinite health is an excellent way to maximize damage and withstand the game’s toughest battles.

God of War gameplay video

Enjoying the Benefits of God of War Cheats PS4 Unlimited Health

Using God of War cheats PS4 unlimited health can unlock numerous possibilities. With an endless supply of health, you can explore secret realms, slay every Valkyrie, and even unlock a hidden ending. This cheat also enables you to switch the game’s difficulty at any point during the story, offering a customized gaming experience.

The Power of God of War Remastered Cheats PS4

In the remastered version of God of War 3, cheat codes are your keys to unlock otherwise inaccessible aspects of the game. One effective way to expedite your progress is by memorizing specific button prompts that appear on-screen. These buttons – triangle at the top, X at the bottom, circle on the left, and square on the right – can give you a significant boost in the game.

An essential cheat for God of War 3 Remastered involves obtaining cloth maps. These treasure maps are crucial for in-game loot collection. Another powerful cheat can unlock hidden realms after defeating all the Valkyries. This cheat is applicable to both the 2005 and 2018 versions of the game. Furthermore, upgrading your Leviathan Axe to level 6 can enhance your combat prowess, which can be especially useful during main story boss fights.

In summary, our simplified aimbot system is the perfect tool to facilitate your God of War gaming experience. Click “Generate Now,” and witness an instant enhancement in your gameplay, granting you the power to conquer the game’s most challenging aspects. Remember, our cheats are totally safe to use and accessible across all devices and countries. Embrace the god-like power of God of War cheats PS4 unlimited health, and ascend to new gaming heights!


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