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Master Elden Ring with Fun Gaming Zone’s Ultimate Build Calculator

Elden Ring gameplay

Mastering the Elden Ring gaming universe requires strategy and an understanding of game mechanics. And this is where Fun Gaming Zone’s Elden Ring Build Calculator comes into play. Being the most simplified and user-friendly gaming tool in the market, it assists players in designing and optimizing character builds across all devices and regions, ensuring an exciting and safe gaming experience.

Harnessing the Power of Elden Ring Build Calculator

The Elden Ring build calculator is instrumental in multiple scenarios. You can use it to maximize your armor and weapon Attack Rating (AR), facilitating peak damage and DPS levels. Moreover, it can help you identify the most cost-effective weapon re-rolls, enhancing the value of your in-game currency.

Building Your Battlemage

As a Battlemage in Elden Ring, you are a master of melee, ranged, and mounted combat. The Elden Ring build calculator can guide you to build your character in a way that optimizes the usage of mighty weapons like the Mighty Shot and Uchigatana, along with exploiting the Transient Moonlight to stun adversaries.

Embodying the Blood Lord

With the Elden Ring build calculator, you can step into the shoes of a formidable Blood Lord, a character known for his power and cunning. The calculator enables you to determine the exact number of runes required to ascend each level, experiment with different levels to find the best fit, and work out the number of items needed for each level completion.

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Crafting the Optimal Mech Build

Creating an optimal Mech build can be challenging given Elden Ring’s plethora of unbalanced items and spells. However, the Elden Ring build calculator from Fun Gaming Zone can help you maneuver these complexities to build an effective character.

Balancing Dexterity and Faith

In Elden Ring, a balanced Dexterity/Faith combo can enhance your spellcasting speed and make the most powerful weapons accessible. The Elden Ring build calculator can help optimize this balance, enabling you to unlock and use some of the game’s most devastating weapons to your advantage.

Top Elden Ring Calculators in 2023

Let’s delve into some of the best Elden Ring Calculators available as of 2023:

Elden Ring Build Calculator

The Elden Ring Build Planner by eip.gg stands out due to its ability to calculate stats and runes. You can select all four talismans along with hand slots, and add armor and weapons to compute your total defense. Moreover, you can import and export builds for ease of use.

Best Elden Ring Level & Rune Calculator

The Elden Ring Level Calculator by Fextralife is an exceptional tool, providing details about the ‘Runes to next level’ and ‘Total Rune Cost’ according to your needs.

Elden Ring Character Class Calculator

Mugenmonkey provides a Starting Class Optimizer, which, despite its simplicity, remains a useful tool in determining the “Optimal Class” for your character.

Best Elden Ring Weapon Damage & AR Stat Calculator

Created by TarnishedSpreadsheet, this calculator lets you choose a ‘Boss’ you want to fight, computing the amount of damage each weapon will inflict based on the boss’s weakness and other stats.

Elden Ring Equip Load & Weight Calculator

Calculating Equip Load & Weight is critical in Elden Ring as it impacts your Dodge Roll. While there’s currently no established calculator for this, players have suggested several alternatives, such as the one by FupamancerFormulas.

The Art of Spellcrafting

Spellcrafting in Elden Ring can be significantly enhanced with the aid of the Elden Ring build calculator. This tool allows you to determine the runes you need, identify spell combinations, and optimize your spellcasting abilities for a memorable gaming experience.


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