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Decoding Ark Color ID: Customizing Your Ark: Survival Evolved Experience

Ark Color ID

Understanding Ark Color ID

Within the world of Ark: Survival Evolved, the ability to customize and manipulate the game’s environment is an engaging feature that captivates many players. A significant element of this is the Ark Color ID system, which allows players to select and change the color of any spawned creature, enhancing their gaming experience.

How to Utilize Ark Color ID

Applying the Ark Color ID in the game requires a clear understanding of a few key steps. Initially, players must choose a region, denoted by numbers 0-5. The next step is selecting the object from their inventory to be customized, followed by entering the correct command in the console.

There are a few methods available to players for creating an item using the Ark Color ID system. The most popular options include using the Item ID, the Blueprint Path, or the GFI. The Item ID is a unique number attributed to an item’s title, such as the Black coloring.

Ark Color ID video

Painting Your World with Ark Dino Colors

The ability to change the color of dinosaurs in the game is a much-loved feature, brought to life using the command generator. The game has set rules for coloring dinos, with a palette restricted to only six colors. Players need to find the right combinations to color their dinosaurs.

Players can modify a creature’s color through the Command Prompt in the Ark: Survival Evolved game. This ability allows players to assign specific colors to different regions of the game. For instance, the color “Dino Medium Green” is reserved solely for creatures that have been bred.

Exploring ARK Color Codes

Changing a creature’s colors in ARK: Survival Evolved is an exciting feature, which is primarily achieved through the console. By entering a color ID into the console, players can change the creature’s color on the map, resulting in an instant transformation.

ARK color codes are written using a unique syntax. The standard ARK console command for changing color is: setTargetDinoColor26. After entering this code, an additional window will display a list of all available colors in a region. Once players have the ARK ID, they can modify the default colors in the area.

Manipulating ARK Color Codes on PS4

For ARK PS4 owners, accessing the console is executed via the pause screen. By entering the ARK ColorID, and clicking on the L1 R1 Triangle, the console is activated. By typing the ARK Console Command : setTargetDinoColor26, players can alter the color of the Dino medium-green region within the game’s menu.

To conclude, mastering the Ark Color ID system can bring a new layer of personalization and engagement to the Ark: Survival Evolved game. Whether changing the hue of a creature or customizing different regions within the game, understanding how to utilize the Ark Color ID offers players a dynamic and colorful gaming experience.


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